How to connect intelligence and creativity in organizations?

Collaborative tools boost productivity in public and private institutions
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by Serpro Press and Media — 31 de january de 2019

We are in the era of collaboration. A new World characterized by networked intelligence in a system of mass collaboration. An era capable of promoting profound changes in the structures of organizations. These are changes that involve, of course, greater productivity, but go beyond that and include the creative interaction of employees in different geographic locations; greater connection with the public that adds value to the business ecosystem, such as customers, partners and suppliers; and also a more pleasurable work experience than that of previous generations.

These are some of the conclusions found in the book "Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Can Change Your Business," by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams. The authors join a growing number of researchers who study the impacts of collaborative culture on the production and management of organizational knowledge, including the technologies that favor the adoption of these practices.

If in the past the traditional model of work was limited by relationships that developed basically in person or by telephone, today we have something different. Knowledge and creativity are free to move through organizations. People can unite their abilities in order to complementary skills work in solving problems and generating wealth, regardless of their physical proximity. The experts says that collaboration has become a matter of survival in a world of global competition and in which the complexity of tasks grows exponentially with all the innovations that come to transform and reinvent reality.

Collaborative tools

Now the power of information technology comes into play, providing a set of solutions that favor the emergence of a collective intelligence. A force capable of increasing the capacity of knowledge generation and innovation in organizations.

The so-called collaborative tools have features such as: shared editing of texts, images and videos; direct communication mechanisms, either by messages and comments or by videoconferences, by the desktop or via mobile devices; shared agenda; task map in real time; among others.

In practice, they are configured as a multidirectional communication environment, a platform that articulates ideas and enables a networked production with a value superior to that created by an individual in isolation. Through them each member can follow the progress of the work of the other team members, visualizing the status of the tasks and the results that each activity has already produced.

This type of configuration avoids rework and ensures greater involvement of all, who begin to better understand the meaning of their individual activities in a project and contribute ideas on issues that would be outside their daily work. Collaborative tools also ensure better people management. Leaders are given a broader view of the work in development, being able to act more assertively in the delegation of tasks.

A complete solution for government

Since the end of last year, Serpro has offered its clients a complete communication and collaboration platform, developed in partnership with the world's leading e-mail solutions company: Zimbra and with Google - the multinational software and online services company.

Serpro Teamwork is a solution designed for state agents who need a hybrid collaboration environment but do not give up all the security of a data center located in national territory and with government administration.

With a user-friendly interface, high levels of information security and ease of use and maintenance, Serpro Teamwork offers several advantages such as time-consuming day-to-day activities, cost reduction with flow of printed documents, and greater mobilization capacity of teams.

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