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Federal Revenue of Brazil


One of the main reasons for which Serpro was created was support in the Brazilian federal tax revenues, in a country which was undergoing a fast-paced industrialization and a demographic leap. From 1968, the year the Receita Federal do Brasil (Federal Revenue of Brazil, in english) was created, to 1969, our company’s actions allowed the increase of the number of taxpayers from 450,000 to 4.3 million, creating an increase of 298% of collected taxes.

From then on, the partnership between Serpro and the Federal Revenue only improved, with solutions that support the evolution of the Brazilian Public Administration and that simplfy the citizen's obligations towards the State.


National Traffic Department


According to the Departamento Nacional de Trânsito (Denatran, or National Traffic Department in english), the Brazilian fleet surpasses 42 million vehicles, among cars, llight utility vehicles, trucks and buses, which circulate in 5,570 municipalities and 210,600 kilometers of roads in the country. In 2016, more than 19.5 million traffic tickets were given only on federal highways.

The numbers show the size of Denatran’s challenge, who has as mission to check the application of traffic legislation and, still, supervise and coordinate organs related to the National Traffic Policy.

Serpro is a Denatran’s partner enterprise, providing technology responsible for the administration of, among others, three fundamental national databases: the National Registry of Vehicles, the National Registry of Habilitated Drivers, and the National Registry of Traffic Infractions. Besides, it has developed two inovative solutions: the Electronic Notification System and Radar – Traffic Infraction Manager.


National Treasury


The Secretaria do Tesouro Nacional (Secretariat of National Treasury, in english) was created in March 10, 1986, and has as its main mission to manage the public accounts in an efficient and transparent way, caring for the fiscal balance and public spending quality. It is an integrating part of the Ministry of Economy’s structure, being the main organ of the Federal Financial Administration System and of the Federal Accounting System.

Among its main functions are the administration of the Unified Account of the National Treasury, which allowed greater efficacy in the Union’s resource spending; planning and administration of the internal mobiliary debt; the application of the Fiscal Responsibility Law in the federal sphere; and the administration of the Internal Treasury program, which allows investors to buy, directly from the organ, Union’s debt papers; and the administration of Siafi, the Financial Administration System of Brazil’s Federal Government.


Federal Police and Ministry of Foreign Relations


The Polícia Federal (Federal Police, in english) has as its mission to exert the attributions of judiciary and administrative police of the Union, in order to contribute in keeping law and order, preservating the democratic rule of law. Among its attributions, relies the passport emission for Brazilian citizens within the national territory.

The Ministério das Relações Exteriores (also known as the Itamaraty, or the Ministry of Foreign Relations, in english), is the organ of the Executive responsible for the foreign policy and foreign relations of Brazil, in the bilateral, regional and multilateral fields. Besides providing consular and diplomatic support to around 2.5 million Brazilians living abroad, Itamaraty provides passports for nationals living in other countries.